What We Do

Our Mission

The Wildwood Open Lands Foundation is dedicated to conservation of natural and cultural resources.

Our Vision

To establish, grow, and sustain an interdependent, tri-focused, organization that promotes conservation through 1) global exploration and documentation, 2) acquisition, conservation, and preservation of undeveloped/open space lands, and 3) providing education surrounding natural sciences, outdoor ethics, and ultimately establishment and sustainment of a publicly interactive facility to display, engage, and support the messaging of the foundation.

Our Values

  • Respect – Protect and preserve natural and cultural diversity
  • Humility – Humbled to be custodians of mindful change
  • Wonder – Revive inspiration within ourselves and others
  • Knowledge –  Seeking understanding, enlightenment, and education
  • Wanderlust – An insatiable desire to travel and explore

Our Guiding Principles

  1. What is valued is preserved.  The most impactful way to personally value something is when you establish a direct personal connection to it. Wildwood Open Lands Foundation is a channel of communication. Through our travels to natural and cultural locations around the world, experiences documented, and photographs taken; we hope to inspire others to travel and make personal connections to the lands which they explore and within places they live
  2. Through exemplifying our values in our decisions, communication, engagement, and lifestyles, without explicitly ever stating them, that we shall inspire others to pursue the same understanding of the world around them.
  3. Share knowledge shamelessly and behave accordingly

A Tri-Focused Approach


Wildwood Expedition serves as the research, travel, outreach, and publishing arm of the Foundation.

What is valued is preserved.  We strive to generate value in this way by sharing direct personal connections. Wildwood Expedition is a channel of communication.  Through our travels to natural and cultural locations around the world, the words used, and photographs taken; our publications are aimed to inspire others to travel and make personal connections as well.

We openly invite other travelers, explorers, researchers, and scientists to participate in exploratory trips as well as to contribute to Wildwood Expedition publications.


Wildwood Conservancy is the land preservation operation of the Foundation. Conservancy’s goal is to acquire, manage, and maintain natural and cultural reserves primary, but not limited to, the western United States.

For each reserve established, Conservancy shall establish a scientific baseline understanding the lands dynamic nature. Our intention is to develop operations that serve to conserve the natural and cultural characteristics of the reserve.


Wildwood Heritage is a long-term goal of the Foundation. Currently we are focusing on providing education surrounding natural sciences and outdoor ethics. In the future Wildwood Heritage shall be a public facing operation that serves to share the travels and connections of Expedition and Conservancy in an interpretive, discovery center format.

Our vision for Heritage is to establish a permanent facility in Northern Nevada in a location suitable to generate ease of access to the general public.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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