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The Wildwood Open Lands Foundation is dedicated to conservation of natural and cultural resources.

In 2023, we have reaffirmed our goal is to raise towards $300,000 that will enable the foundation to make its 1st reservation land acquisition. Support our effort by selecting any of the options below! Thank you!

Our Vision

To establish, grow, and sustain an interdependent, tri-focused, organization that promotes conservation through 1) exploration and documentation, 2) acquisition, conservation, and preservation of undeveloped/open lands, and 3) providing education surrounding natural sciences, outdoor ethics, responsible recreation, and ultimately establishment and sustainment of a publicly interactive facility to display, engage, and support the mission of the foundation.

What We Do

Wildwood Open Lands Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity registered in the state of Nevada as a Nonprofit Corporation.


Wildwood Expedition serves as the research, travel, outreach, and publishing arm of the Foundation. What is valued is preserved.  We strive to generate value in this way by sharing direct personal connections. Wildwood Expedition is a channel of communication supporting the vision of the foundation.


Wildwood Conservancy is the land preservation operation of the Foundation. Conservancy’s goal is to acquire, manage, and maintain natural and cultural reserves primary in Northern Nevada.


Wildwood Heritage is a long-term goal of the Foundation. Currently we are focusing on providing education surrounding natural sciences, outdoor ethics and responsible recreation. In the future Wildwood Heritage shall be a public-facing operation that serves to share the travels and connections of Expedition and Conservancy in an interpretive, discovery center format. In the nearer term, we are developing natural sciences programming to be delivered through a series of partnerships.

How You Can Help

Make a Donation

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient, or hassle-free with our online donation service through PayPal. We also accept check donations. Share your stories with us so we may deploy them through our publications and exhibits.

Become a Volunteer

What is valued is preserved.  The most impactful way to value something is when you make a direct personal connection to it. Contact us today and help to inspire others to travel, make personal connections, or participate in our conservation projects and programming. 

Contact the Foundation

With the aim of protecting as much undeveloped open spaces as possible, we’re always seeking enthusiastic volunteers. Please contact us for more information.

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