Raising $300,000 for the first Wildwood Conservation Land Acquisition

Wildwood Conservancy

Wildwood Open Lands Foundation has reaffirmed our goal to raise upwards of $300,000 that will enable the foundation to make its first conservation land acquisition.

In addition to protecting open space from development and exploitation, it is our intention to utilize that resource as a setting for WOLF’s natural sciences programming.

We are seeking a sizable property in the region between the Nevada/California Stateline to as far east as Fallon, NV, and between Gerlach and Smith Valley.

The Foundation has committed to support Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful by adopting Betsy Caughlin Donnelly Park in Reno, NV. Please check our Events 2023 page or follow us on Facebook @wildwoodopenlands or contact us with your email address to stay in-the-know regarding upcoming events.

For more information about Wildwood Conservation’s efforts, contact Tim Garcia-Jay.

Developing programming that shares the beauty of Nevada’s open spaces while modeling low-impact off-road travel practices.

Wildwood Expedition

WOLF has partnered with the Friends of Black Rock High Rock to develop a commercially guided, overland style, experience through the Black Rock Desert High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. The guided tour is more than an off-road event. The bring-your-own-vehicle formatted route will highlight the natural, historical, and cultural aspects of this pristine and unique environment. Additionally, the three-day trip integrates low-impact travel practices (e.g. tread lightly!® and Leave No Trace) as part of ‘life on the trail’.

The overarching goal is to create a higher awareness, deeper engagement, and personal connection to the NCA. As the utilization of this fragile resource continues to climb, conservation through best management practices is accepted as the most successful effort to maintain current access.

Our goal for 2023, in collaboration with the Friends of Black Rock High Rock, we will identify a licensed guide service and arrange for applicable permits to conduct this commercial service in the NCA. WOLF and Friends of Black Rock High Rock will deliver material and field support on an ongoing but limited basis in exchange for a percentage of revenue. In 2021, we conducted a proof-of-concept beta tour with an enthusiastic group of volunteers. The result of the trial was successful by providing the team positive feedback and helping to illuminate our path forward.

We are planning with stakeholders to establish operational readiness by late winter 2023. Achievement of this intermediary goal will clear the way to announce the first public dates by spring 2023.

Wildwood Expedition continues to explore and document its travels at as well as through social media channels: Facebook & Instagram (@wildwoodexpedition). In addition to our effort in the NCA, Wildwood Expedition has planned routes in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon as well as intercontinental travel to Europe and Africa.

In September , Wildwood Expedition will again participate as an exhibitor in the Adventure Van Expo in Lake Tahoe. The team will highlight 2023 successes and our evolving future initiatives. We’ll use this opportunity to engage with individual donors and introduce our mission to other corporate participants at the event.

For information about Wildwood Expedition’s 2023 projects, contact Jeff Rosenfeld

More than deserts: Introducing a diverse ecosystem through direct experiences.

Wildwood Heritage

Our long-term vision is to bring a public facing discovery center to the region that connects the natural treasures of Nevada, the distinctiveness of Wildwood Conservancy preservations, and the travels of Wildwood Expedition through educational programming.

During 2021, we had the opportunity to jumpstart the Heritage efforts through developing presentation content for delivery during Wildwood Expedition’s program in the Black Rock Desert High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails NCA.

In 2022, members of the Wildwood Team became Leave No Trace Trainer certified and have delivered several Outdoor Ethics Principles seminars. These preliminary programs serve as the foundation for other our future natural science educational offerings.

In 2023, we’ll leverage this success to expand our reach and depth of content. In addition to continuance with the Friends of Black Rock High Rock in the NCA it is our intention to develop partnerships focused on delivering programming to groups within our region. This includes sustainable, recreational travel practices in conjunction with local public schools as well as best practices in vehicle dependent travel in cooperation with area non-profits and businesses.

To learn more about Wildwood Heritage’s Natural Sciences Program Development, contact us at

Wildwood Open Lands Foundation

Our vision of building a sustainable, robust, conservation model that can tangibly deliver our mission of preserving natural and cultural resources relies on the support of community members like you.

Please help us by making a donation or becoming a volunteer.

Endless gratitude for your support!

-The WOLF Team

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