The HOWLING : Micro-Rally

What’s a Howling?

A family friendly education weekend gathering in beautiful Dog Valley. The free event, sponsored by Wildwood Open Lands Foundation, will feature outdoor skills and activities from a diverse group of local experts throughout the weekend. Dispersed camping is available adjacent to the events area for both vehicles, backpackers, and bikepackers. The event area and camping open at noon on Friday, June 2nd, and closes at noon Sunday, June 4th.

Conservation, education, outdoor community, and fun are the foundation of the Howling Event. Regardless of what mode of travel we use to access and explore our public lands, the same respect to the resource, as well as one-another’s experience in doing so is the purpose behind creating this gathering.

About the Host

We want to see open lands preserved and protected from exploitation. This organization was formed in 2020 because we believe we can be a uniting entity towards this purpose. We are small but mighty, leveraging our passion and commitment towards tangible positive impact.

Wildwood Open Lands Foundation is a local, Nevada Domestic Nonprofit Corporation (82), designated 501(c)(3) conservation organization. We are based in Washoe County. Our current efforts are focused solely on northwestern Nevada.

We believe that open spaces are critical resources, irreplaceable, and invaluable to human and ecological stability, best preserved by united, dedicated individuals and businesses.

Our approach is, in part, to preserve open spaces through privately funded efforts to purchase and preserve tracts of undisturbed, open land for sale on the real estate market. No government funding, no public resources. In all that we do, this effort is the most critical, most challenging, and where we need the most assistance to be successful.

If you value open spaces as we do, we need your support. We encourage you to become a Friend of the WOLF, volunteer, corporate partner, or donor to our foundation.

Learn more about Wildwood Open Lands Foundation at

The Date

Opening summer early, June 2-4

(somewhat weather/conditions dependent following out tremendous winter)


The Howling is presented free of cost this year to all. All attendees will be required to sign an assumption of risk form regardless of event participation or age. (Guardians must sign for minors). PDF version of the assumption of risk adult form can be downloaded HERE. The form for minors can be downloaded HERE . You may bring completed forms with you, or they will be provided upon arrival.


The coordination team will recon the site in early May to ascertain road and rally site conditions. This record setting winter will affect the region well into the summer as the snowpack may have damaged the roads, downed trees, or flooded the camp area. Should these risks be mitigated, we will proceed with the event.  Should we need to cancel or relocate we shall do so by communicating via social media, email distribution list and through our volunteers and presenters. 

Light rain or flurries forecast during the week of the Howling will not result in a cancellation of the event.   We are very much looking forward to seeing you all there!


Beautiful Dog Valley northwest of Reno, NV in the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest, along Dog Creek, 39°32’34.4″N 120°03’42.9″W

NOTE: We will post directional signs pointing to the HOWLING at all relevant road junctions

FROM: The Sasquatch Bar and Grille in Verdi Nev, Rte 40: Estimated travel time 30 minutes, ~23miles

Photo Credit: Kurstin Graham, Northern NV Bikepacking
  • Turn Right, Head northeast on 3rd St/U.S.40 toward Bridge St
  • Turn left onto Bridge St,
  • Turn Right onto Dog Valley Rd
  • Turn Right onto Long Valley Rd
  • Turn Left onto un-named Dirt Rd
  • Arrive at The Howling Micro Rally

Schedule of Events

All Sessions will be delivered beneath the Rally Pavilion at the center of the exhibition area. Trail runs will be guided, originating and ending from the just outside the rally entrance. Schedule times subject to change.

Acknowledgement of Responsibility

It is critical to acknowledge that participation in outdoor activities and travel inherently include a level of risk to person and property.  It is the responsibility of attendees to recognize and assume this responsibility by signing off on the participant acknowledgement of risk form upon arrival. Emergency response by Sierra or Washoe County EMS is accessible by calling 911 via cellular phone.

Facilities & Accommodation

Photo Credit: Janel Johnson, USFS

The event is being held in a pristine dispersed forested location. We encourage all attendees to practice Leave-No-Trace and TreadLightly Principles when it comes to managing trash, recycling, and human wastes.  There will be recycling and trash receptables placed around the event and camp areas. Mobile toilets and a wash station will also be made available. Potable water will not be supplied; please plan to carry as much consumable water as necessary.

We do not anticipate any vendors who will be selling food or beverage for the event. Please plan to be self-sufficient in your meals and libation.


YOUR VEHICLE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Attendees who bring vehicles to the event must ensure that they are suitable for the event and are in good working condition inclusive of:

  • Working headlights
  • Working signal lights
  • Working service brakes
  • Working parking brakes
  • No major fluid leaks.
  • Intact exhaust system
  • Adequate Tires/Tread
  • Adequate spare tire
  • Appropriate tools in case of flat tire or minor repairs

Insurance – The Howling does not provide coverage for bodily injury. Attendees should have their own medical coverage, and vehicles must be fully insured. DO NOTE, all roads (paved or otherwise) in Nevada are legal highways. In both Nevada and California, state law governing motor vehicle operation is ubiquitous regardless of road surface quality.

Vehicle Recovery – If you find yourself stuck in the event area or adjacent roads, don’t worry, there are lots of good people attending who are willing help. If your vehicle experiences a break down, it is your responsibility to get it home.

Alcohol – All roads within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest are subject motor vehicle laws. Alcohol consumption on the trail creates a dangerous and irresponsible environment. Furthermore, it is illegal to drink and drive on USFS roads (reference order 04-17-05-12) Please leave libation for camp.

Psychoactive cannabis substances – Again, all roads within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest are subject motor vehicle laws. Consumption of cannabis products containing THC on the trail creates a dangerous and irresponsible environment. Please refrain from consumption of cannabis, as we are on federal land, we are susceptible to federal law (reference order 04-17-05-10).

Other Event Particulars

Campfires – We have a small propane central campfire during the evening events. Small fires may be allowed at individual campsites based on current fire-danger levels, but that is always subject to change per USFS. Our camp is in a dispersed areas inside the boundaries of California. Therefore, to start and maintain a fire you will need a 2023 fire permit issued by CalFire.  It is available online, takes only a few minutes to watch the video and complete. Please use this link: Prevent Wild Fire | Campfire Permit (

Kids and Dogs – The Howling is a kid and dog friendly event. We encourage and enjoy both kids and dogs, but we recognize that both need to be managed at an event. Please look after your kids and ensure they don’t play in areas where vehicles may be moving about. Dogs must be always leashed (this is a USFS Order Number: 04-17-11-06), NEVER left in a locked vehicle, and PLEASE pick up any poop.

Water – Bring your own jerry cans. The town of Verdi is nearby if you need additional water. There is a running creek adjacent to the camp area. If you choose to utilize this water resource, we strongly recommend that you have the capacity to purify any water collected.

Food – There are no immediate resources in the immediate event area for supply or resupply of food.  There are several convenience stores in Verdi:

  • River Belle Market on 3rd Street
  • Sinclair at Gold Ranch
  • Chevron Verdi near Cabela’s

Otherwise, there are several groceries stores off Robb Drive and McCarran Blvd east of Verdi, just off the respective interstate 80 exits.

Propane – Please be well supplied with propane before you arrive. Propane bottle refills are available in Verdi at the Sinclair at Gold Ranch, and at Chevron Verdi at Cabela’s.

Shower – There are no shower facilities at the event area, but there is a creek right beside the camping area if you need a refreshing dip. Note, your camping neighbors may use this water source for cooking, cleaning, and drinking, so please be courteous and soak downstream of camp. DO NOTE, with this year’s above average snowpack, expect the creek to be running high, fast, and extremely cold in June.

Electricity – There is no utilities at the event location. We recommend you be prepared with off-grid solar power solution, or a small generator, but generators must be shut off at 10pm.

Hookups – There are no RV/Camper hookups at the event.

Weather – The weather in the Sierra can be unpredictable in June. Particularly this year that has been extraordinary regarding temperature and precipitation. The upslope terrain may well be snow-covered this year.  Average temperatures in early June range from mid-40’s to mid-70’s. There can be a chance of rain as well. Bring appropriate clothing for sun and cold, sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent!

Garbage and recycling – There will separate receptacles for trash and recyclables available around the event. If you have the capacity to haul out your own trash, that will really help us as we will be hauling any binned trash out ourselves.

Be Bear-Smart. Please don’t leave food around your campsite. Any food waste should be bagged and put into the trash bins. We will transfer it off-site for proper disposal after the event closes on Sunday.

Music – Music enhances many of life’s experiences. On the trail music must be kept at a volume such that the driver and passengers can clearly hear the instruction that is audible inside the vehicle. Once in camp please keep music at a volume respectful of your fellow travelers.

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